Saturday, February 15, 2014

Newton County Schools Makeup Days

My little boy is currently enrolled in pre-k in a Newton County School. In the 6 short months he has been attending, I am discovering that the school board/system primarily makes decisions based on what is most convenient for them with no regard for and very little input from parents. Here is a prime example:

Most of the article focuses on Rockdale County's quick decision making regarding makeup days for the days students missed during the most recent winter storm. On the other hand, The Newton County superintendent/administration has unilaterally come up with a plan that the school board will no doubt accept on Tuesday, February 18. Would it kill them to email parents the proposed schedule and give us a chance to respond before the decision on Tuesday?

Quote from the article:

"The Newton County School System plans to make up for the lost time as well, but will still have a winter break from Feb. 19 to 21. According to information on its Facebook page, NCSS administrators are finalizing a make-up schedule and will present it at the Newton BOE combined meeting on Feb. 18.

Newton students have missed a total of seven days this school year. Four of those days were in January, while Pax caused them to miss three more days from Feb. 12 to 14."
I won't even comment on the idiocy of moving forward with the scheduled winter break when we just had one!

The agenda is posted for the February 18th meeting but no details about what the recommendations will be. Heaven forbid that parents are given an opportunity to show up to meetings prepared to speak on the agenda items.