Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally...Covington, GA highway exits to be beautified

This has been a pet peeve of mine for about as long as I have lived in Newton County. The Public Works department does a very uneven job of keeping the county's right of ways and public areas maintained. The Newton Citizen reports that the mayor has contracted with a landscape company to beautify the county's exits off I-20. I am pleased to see that at least one of those contracts went to a local company.

This is a good start but there are so many areas within the county that are in dire need of mowing and landscaping. What is the timeline for that to occur Mr. Mayor? What is the point of having manicured highway exits if when people get off they drive by unmanicured and trash-filled areas? As an analyst, I also wonder about the due diligence that was done before the decision was made to contract this work and how the contractors were selected. Was it cheaper to get contractors versus just beefing up the Public Works department with part-time mowers?

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