Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding a Professional Job or Career in Newton County Georgia

Perusing the job classifieds in the Newton Citizen will quickly show that finding a professional job in Newton County is not easy - if not darn near impossible. It almost seems as though you have to go straight to the source to find viable job opportunities.

The chart below shows the largest employers in Newton County. I assume Baxter will be added when they officially open. The fact that the job board on the selectnewton.com site has nothing posted is a troubling sign. But, according to this column, you have to create your own job opportunities these days. It appears that this advice especially applies to places like Newton County. I've been working on suggestions 1 and 2 for a number of years now so I have a pretty good idea of the job I would like to have and the kind of company I would like to work for. 

The list below comes in handy for suggestion number 3 - Reach out to potential employers. Based on my previous job experience, there are very few companies on that list that I can feasibly target. My general business and analysis experience could be useful to all these companies but most companies want industry experience as well. Since I have energy industry experience, Metadigm is really the only company on the list that I think I should bother sending a query letter.

The more I research, the more it seems the chances of actually working in Newton County get smaller and smaller.


Large Employers in Newton County 
CR Bard Inc.1967 3499/3841/5047/5999 565 
Pactiv Corporation 1984 2673/3086/3089/5113 492 
General Mills, Inc. 1989 2043 363 
SRG Global 1969 3465 320 
Clairon Metals Group 1989 3469/3544 270 
Fibervisions 1967 2824 250 
SKC, Inc.1996 3081 250 
Specialty Yarn & Converting 1917 2281/2399/5099 250 
Nisshinbo 1997 9714 228 
Beaver Manufacturing 1971 2241/5199 185 
SPG (Storage Products Group) 1986 2542/3496/3841/5046 175 
Metadigm 1992 165 
Bridgestone Sports1989 3949 162 
Oldcastle Glass 2007 144 
SGD Glass 1996 3231 140 
Tread Technologies 125 
Rock-Tenn 1972 2653/5113 102